Is Suicide Cowardly or Courageous?


From the moment we know exactly what death is, we see death as a way of escape. At every difficult stage, in unbearable pain, when caught in deep confusion, at the height of an emotional moment, sometimes when a severe blow is inflicted, where the injury is deepened, or there is any problem in which to get out of it safely. It doesn't seem possible. We wish for death. However, dying is not that easy. Then, if a person, moving forward from this desire, embraces death himself, we people also give birth to him. That is, the desire is also for oneself, but the one who really came in handy will also remain bad.

To die, a person needs deep hopelessness and despair as much as a grain of sand and such darkness after which there is no sign of dawn. Sarwat Hussain said, "There is an attraction in the beast of death, Sarwat." People say anything about suicide. That attraction pulled them twice to the railway line. The first time only, both feet went; the second time, the beast was successful. Some people attribute his Failure in romance as the reason for his suicide, but suicide itself was a romance for him (so it is possible to say such a timeless poem).
Suicide is usually caused by these factors; Failure in love ' Failure in exams' Success in love (after marriage) 'Sudden death of a close loved one, Loss of business' No job' Sudden exposure to intense social pressure, etc. Six thousand other reasons are also included in it. Every person who commits suicide is a unique case. Its problems are different. Just as each person's life has a different story, in the same way, his difficulties also have a different concrete existence, which cannot be closed in a sack while writing on a topic like suicide.
Let's look at a golden saying that is very prevalent here. "A person who commits suicide is a coward." This is not the case, friend. From here, the wrong direction of our thinking starts, which does not allow us to consult anyone else in case of such a thought. A suicide bomber is never a coward. He is pretty brave. He is actually forced to do so. He is so immersed in his situation that he does not see any way out. How did you see a good way? When we are attaching various stigmas to suicide, who will the person talk to, if only to ask the way? To whom will he say that man, I am having such thoughts, I want to die? Even if the listener does not say it on his face, he will still think that he is crazy he is mentally ill; when do ordinary people think like this?
The biggest problem comes after that. Remember when such a thing is said about someone in front of you? What is your reaction? "Abe, these are all dramas" is an attempt to get attention. "No one dies" We have seen a lot of this. "That's right" You must have seen fifteen or twenty cases when different people said such a thing. "Threatened, but did not act on it" If the twenty-first person acts on it after making a claim, what option will you have? Regret? The regret of a lifetime?
The media is shouting 'depression slogans,' 'suicide rates are increasing, even small children are seen throwing medicines at home when their marks are low in school, but to talk about suicide positively. No one is ready for it. What does positive mean? While understanding the meaning, we have to remember two things. First, embrace that suicidal people are just like you and me. They are not cowardly, weak-willed, timid, or immature-minded, and there is no defect in their character. The second and most important thing is that if, in time, they had found someone to talk to them, who would have come to their level and talked to them instead of scolding them while discussing this topic? Instead of thinking of them as crazy "characterless or mental case, a normal person like him but stuck in the mire of circumstances would have known him and made him realize that what lights can come in his life" then maybe that person would never have committed suicide.
It is essential to talk about it to avoid suicide. It can happen only when the social stigma attached to it is removed. It can only go away when we stop weighing others by our standards and on the scales of our thinking. Suppose your friend has started committing suicide in the cycle of love. According to you, all these are market talk third class work. You think, what kind of chipboard is this man? Is meaning love going to blacken its face in the cycle of love? You think right in your place; you don't have experience. You scold him, scold him, will he stop with your scolding? Wouldn't it be better to listen to him completely and show him a way while seeing the whole scene through his eyes?
Did you become a train as a child? The five or six children put their hands on each other's shoulders and started walking. At this time, we are all trains. We are all creating an environment for each other so that a person wakes up and starts thinking about suicide. Why did you start thinking? Because all the ways of speaking are blocked. Parents forget their childhood and youth. If the siblings are older, they are the advisers, and if they are younger, they feel contented and calm in being the bullies. Friends may warm to your band, but your problem may not be serious to them. Pakistani teachers are thousands of kilometers away from their students. Relatives have become very rare, and shares are everywhere (Jase sharika Nahi poat ki hai hai phir bhagata hi nahi hona' Je ho brother aap ki). Friends of the Net can slap screenshots, so the paths are closed for everyone!
However, the decision has to be made now that we ourselves are in which position? Are we among those who talk, or have we been made listeners by the grace of nature? The bottom line in both cases is that talking and being heard are very important. Whenever such a thought comes to your mind, "Even if you find a black crow to talk to, let's talk." Suicidal ideation takes hold when the meekness of everything continues to cook in the mind's pressure cooker. What will happen if there is no provision for the smoke to come out even when the pressure cooker whistles? So avoid what will happen.
Worldwide suicide statistics show that women are three times more likely to commit suicide than men, but men are three times more likely than women to die genuinely if they commit suicide. (The main reason is that women prefer to inject an overdose of drugs rather than use a weapon for this purpose. There is, however, the possibility that a temporary gastric lavage can be performed and the man returns.). So keep an eye out and if anyone you know seems depressed or suicidal, listen like a human being. It's a difficult task, but it has to be done anyway. 'Close your mouth and listen.'
May God support us all.

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