Haunted House ( Novel )

 Haunted House ( Novel )

Haunted House

"Anna, get inside" a middle-aged woman known as vedika screamed at little seven years old anna, who was starring at her being dragged away by something or someone not known; their doorbell was ringing as the air was making its way inside the house, Anne knew that whatsoever that took her guardian was coming for her, she shut the door and hid under the bed as the dr handle was shaking the more frightened she felt, the dr slowly went open she saw only a bleeding foot she tried to look up to see the person's face, but it was covered the person stretched his/her hand to reach anna as she ran out, but she couldn't go any. Further, the person caught up with her she kept on screaming, but to no avail, a rope went round her neck, and up the fan, the rope went, and she died." and till today there's no sign of what happened"Felicia ended her story which she was telling her younger sister lucy "and how did u get to know all that?" lucy boldly asked," BCS it all happened here we came for vacation."
 Lucy was really getting frightened" how did u get to know all this?" lucy asked." the old lady we met outside withnessed everything, but when the cops came the found nothing,"felicia answered as lucy ran to mrs frank"mum am afraid to let us leave this" "lucy I know felicia has been feeding u again with stupid forktales, now go inside ur new room it's well decorated and full of fairytale stories u are gonna love it"lucy slowly walked inside as her mum walked to her husband"honey felicia has been telling lucy stupid stories again"mr frank on hearing this got annoyed"felicia come here this instant!" felicia who has upstairs ignored him"felicia I said you get down here or you will be very sorry if I come up there!" mr frank turned to mrs frank"what was her intention on saying this one?"mr frank asked"so lucy would convince us to leave here so she go back to mexico and live her dirty and worthless life" "I believe lucy is a brave girl she wouldnt believe it" "but she ....."aaaaah!" lucy screamed...

 Lucy's scream was much higher than mrs frank ever expected "what is it my angel"mr frank asked lucy who near to convultion"someone peeping from outside my window"lucy frightenely spoke"honey ur eyes are just playing a trick on u"mr frank spoke and sighed as he walked to the window"see there's no one here no one can even climb this just to scare my little angel"aaaaah!"felicia screams from her own room"felicia if u are trying to scare us it won't be possible!"mrs frank shouted from down stairs"aaaah!"felicia kept on screaming this time her parents were very curious to know what was her problem as the climbed upstairs, on opening the door the saw felicia hanged up the ceiling fan"aaah!"mrs frank terrifiedly shouted"go and call the ambulance"mr frank spoke as he brought her down "daddy what's happening to her is she dead?"lucy asked"darling she is unconcious but she will be fine" "i told u i saw something" "u saw nothing she tried to comite suicide" "frank the exit drs are locked am afraid..

 "Honey stop scaring ur Self and lucy, hold on to Felicia, let me go and see what I can do, "Mr frank, deeply touched by the incident, bravely spoke, "frank! where is lucy?"MRS frank asked as she screamed, "lucy!" "mom am downstairs. Someone is knocking "lucy tries to open the door"no, lucy, don't open the door. "Mr frank didn't hesitate to come downstairs" lucy pls, don't open the door" "dad, it might be someone of help"lucy struck the door as she was dragged out like a nylon blown by a tornado and up the roof, she went as Mr frank climbed upstairs"it's of no use someone must sacrifice him/herself from the tormented bloodline" an old woman suddenly came in and said, "pls lady what's happening?"Mrs. Frank asked the lady, "the ghost has kept my darling on the roof, and she is scared she might fall" "long years, it was said that before the owner of this house built it, he first sacrificed an innocent woman by hanging" "what of my daughter" "she is looking four a rope, and I've hidden all that is reachable except ur house.....,...,

 FINAL CHAPTER "darlin, stop trying to go up the roof. It's impossible, just help me hide the ropes!"mrs frank shouted from downstairs while still with the strange old woman"get ur bed and tell ur child if she is brave enough"the old woman sugested "my lucy is the bravest child I've ever known"mrs frank spoke as she ran inside to get the bed, few minutes she was back the old woman helped her in carring the foam, lucy whom the ghost has taken up the roaf didnt hesitate to jump from the roof as mrs frank put a smile slowly on her face the ghost sudenly appeared and grabed lucy back up the roof, mrs frank screamed and cried but all two no avail "lucy my girl hold on tight am coming 2 get u!"mr frank shouted from downstairs still holding the ropes trying 2 distract the witch mrs frank grabed one and ran into the house as mr frank ran with the ropes the ghost flew after him and very fast on trying 2 grab the rope she screamed and died as lucy jumped down {mrs frank sacrificed her self}. THE END!

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