The Karakoram Highway - The 8th Wonder Of the World

  The Karakoram Highway

Karakoram highway you will find very beautiful and a wonder of the world, but its construction was a big challenge, and around 900 laborers died during its construction. The construction of this grand road started in 1966 and was completed in 1978.
The length of the Karakoram Highway is 1,300 km, of which 887 km is in Pakistan, and 413 km is in China. This highway starts from Hasan Abdal in Pakistan and passes through Haripur Hazara, Abbottabad, Mansehra, Bisham, Dasu, Chilas, Jaglot, Gilgit, Hunzanagar, Sosth, and Khunjarab Pass to Kashgar in China. The construction of this road surprised the world because, for a long time, the big companies of the world could not do this work.
A famous European company had declared its construction impossible after an aerial survey. Despite the dangers like severe weather, heavy snowfall, and landslides, the construction of this road is still a miracle, which was made possible by Pakistan and China together.
According to a survey, 810 Pakistanis and 82 Chinese lost their lives in its construction. According to the report, 8,000 tons of dynamite were used to break the rugged and rocky chest of the Karakoram highway, and 30 million cubic meters of rock were cut into the mountains until its completion.
What is this highway? Just wonder, wonder!
Sometimes charming, sometimes mysterious, sometimes quiet, sometimes making noise, sometimes asking questions, sometimes answering.
This road contains hundreds of stories, stories of love, hate, fear, backwardness, and development!!
I read that somewhere.
"Revolution comes through thought and consciousness, but the revolution of Gilgit-Baltistan came through the road."
While traveling on the highway, your Curiosity increases, sometimes the Curiosity to see what is beyond the mountains, sometimes the Curiosity to know what was there when it was not on the road. How was it Curiosity to hear the stories of the people living on the side of the same highway for centuries, and Curiosity to know the history of the Indus River, sometimes crashing on the stones along the road!!
The starting point of the Karakoram highway is in the Hazara district.

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