Sher Ali Khan Mujahid Kakzai

                             Sher Ali Khan Mujahid Kakzai   

 In 1872, he was the Vice-Governor-General of India

Lord Mayo (after whom Mayo Hospital in Lahore is famous) killed the arrogant and shook the British crown. This great Muslim Pakhtun hero was hanged publicly on March 11, 1872.

While sentencing Ghazi Sher Ali Khan Mujahid Kakzai to death, the judge had said that if we do such a thing, the world will forget you but will not forget Lord Mayo, so we built a hospital named after him. This proud Pakhtun sees the picture of Ghazi Sher Ali Khan (RA), pays homage to this man Mujahid, and wants to tell the British that we have not forgotten Ghazi Sher Ali Khan (RA).

We don't know this man Mujahid Ghazi Sher Ali Khan even though we are Pakistanis. But today he made everyone familiar with this name again





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