Men's Rights

 Men's Rights

  Search by writing the word "woman" on Google, thousands of people have written on the rights of women in millions, written on their sacrifices, wrote on the abuses done to them, then search by writing the word "men," and nothing is found. Will be
Because if men get equal rights to women, the world will starve
We were having dinner sitting in the boat basin. A husband and wife with their two beautiful little sons sat on the chair table next to us. Forced by my habit, I loved the lovely children sitting with them. The mood of the lady was a little bad, but I did not notice, or I should say I noticed but did not pay attention. Not even five minutes had passed, and it was gradually realized that the woman sitting in front was fighting with her husband. These sounds, which were slow before, started getting louder. The husband could not answer except for one or two things. He was silently watching himself being a spectacle. The food was getting cold. The children were sometimes looking at the mother's face full of anger and sometimes the prominent shame on the father's face. Sometimes they used to see the people who were watching their spectacle nearby.

This is not the first time that this has happened to me. I have often seen husbands disrespecting women regularly. And neither I nor anyone can say anything to them. If a husband misbehaves with his wife in a crowded gathering, a hundred people will gather and start cursing the husband.
But when the wife takes out the funeral the honor of her husband in the crowd, everyone will become blind.
If a man is being disrespected, we can never raise our voice. Rather, why did anyone ever think that we should behave like this with our husband or any other man at a crowded party? Why is the revenge for the evils done by the whole society taken from one man only? Ever thought?
Do one thing and research by writing the word "woman" on Google; thousands of people have written on women's rights, written on their sacrifices, written on the abuses of women. Then research by writing the word "male." Nothing will be achieved. All of us are so busy giving rights to women, so busy raising noise about the abuses done to them, that we have not neglected to talk about man and his existence, sir.

Read any fiction, any story, any novel, and writing, the word man is only a criminal, only a fraud, only a tyrant.
Look at your father, brother, husband, or son sitting next to you. Are they as bad as every TV drama makes them out to be?
As much as is taught in every text. If you ever sit down and think, do men, your father, brother, husband, and son have no rights? Have they ever been abused somewhere? Have you ever seen this brother who is the eldest in the house and tramples his dreams with his hands to teach and write for the happiness of his younger siblings and dedicates his whole life to his siblings and wife, and children? Have you written or read anything for such an elder brother? Has there ever been a rally in favor of men? Ever made any movie any drama about the injustices done to them?
Those who walk with you, you consider yourself safe. The 20-year-old sister takes her 7-year-old brother to the market and feels safe that the brother is with her. Then how can you read what is written in strong opposition to them? How do you listen to the bitter conversation about them?
Ever wondered what a married man feels when he hears the words of his wife and mother, and sister? Have you ever wondered what the boy who completes his studies by doing small jobs and after that is pushed to get a job based on his academic ability when he returns home unsuccessful? A father, for the sake of his children, a husband, works hard day and night, hot and cold in every season from morning to evening, to fulfill the demands of his wife.
Still, because only one % of people, you cannot say or write a word in favor of the one who works day and night for you and protects you all your life. Why? But why?
Today, wait for your father, brother, husband, or son to reach home and just once consider them as human beings like you and talk about their problems. One day, just one day, don't tell them what their mother or wife did to your honor at home today.
Thank them once in a while for all the hard work they do to fulfill your wishes. Our protectors have so many rights.

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