At school, the teacher promised prizes
to the children who get first place in the test. Whoever came first would get new shoes. Everyone got the same marks on the test. Now it was impossible to give a pair to everyone. He said, "Let's draw lots. Whoever gets his name will be given these new shoes, and for the lottery, everyone was asked to write his name on a piece of paper and put it in a box."
The teacher mixed the pieces of paper in the box so that no one's rights would be violated and then picked one up in front of everyone. ۔ Because she was tired of old clothes and shoes. The father's shadow had lifted from his head, and the mother was helpless, so this shoe prize meant a lot to her.
When the teacher went home, she told this crying story to her husband, who expressed her happiness, and when she found out why she was crying, the teacher burst into tears. Comes to his indifference. When I checked the other pieces of paper in the box, they all wrote the same name, "Wafa Abdul Kareem." I'm sorry
One of my teachers used to say that instilling empathy in children and teaching generosity in practice is the best training. There are books about many of our forefathers that did not give alms, charity, and zakat with their own hands but used to provide them to the children and distribute them to them. When asked, he explained the reason for this, And the feeling of the poor and helpless is created.

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