Do men cry?

Do men cry?

A man asked a philosopher, do men cry? philosopher replied confidently...: Yes, men cry. The man said: (When do men cry?!!)

philosopher said:

Men cry because of their spouses-

Men cry when their mothers die.

Men cry when they lose their parents.

Men cry when their children are sick. Men weep at the marriage of their daughters. Men weep because of their children's ingratitude, arrogance or anger at their parents.

Men cry compulsively... and mostly... out of distress... and also out of frustration...

Men cry when they cannot provide their children food, drink or any need or small want...

Men cry, but men's tears do not fall from the eyes on the cheeks, nor do anyone see their tears... They cry from the heart and their tears fall on the heart, which results in wrinkles on the face, gray hair and Appearing in the form of trembling hands.

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