The heart aches, and aches too much

                 The heart aches, and aches too much

by,sadam jutt

 How the youth of our country enter old age instead of going from childhood to youth, how their youth is eaten up by worries, how the dreams that shine in their eyes slowly begin to die their death and the glitter of their eyes are deserted, how the skin of their hands and feet dries up and loses all its beauty, how they leave their homes even in this hot weather, they sweat and sweat, they take wages in the evening. They come and spend every penny on their whole family and then go out the following day for the same work.

The corruption of all the rulers, politicians, royal officials, and influential people has licked the lives of our youth like termites. I wish these people would peek into their collars once.

Indescribable sorrow and regret !!!

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