A WOMAN

A woman who is called a wife:
* Changes her name.
* Change her home.
* Leaves her family.
* Walks with you.
* Builds a house with you.
* Pregnant, pregnancy changes her body.
* It gains weight.
* Due to the unbearable pain of childbirth, she almost gives up in the labor room.
* Even the babies she delivers are named after you.

Until the day she dies. She does everything. Cooking, cleaning your house, taking care of your parents, raising your children, earning, advising you, making yourself comfortable, maintaining all family relationships, everything that benefits you. Sometimes at the cost of your health, hobbies, and beauty.
So who is doing good to whom?
Dear men, always value women in your life because being a woman is not easy.
Being a woman is invaluable.
Be it mother, sister, or wife. 

                                                               WRITTEN BY:SADAM JUTT

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